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Our Story

Our Story

...when our founder, let's call him 'Professor A', moved to New York from London to take up a new posting. It was whilst in NY that Prof A fell in love with the delicious delights of Bubble Tea in all its glory. However, when Prof A returned to London, he made a life-changing discovery. Namely that the evolution of tea, or tea-volution as he coined the phrase had not penetrated our green and pleasant land, the very place where tea-drinking is a national past-time.

Inspired and suffering from interminable withdrawal from his daily Bubble tea, our hero determined to do something about this gap in the teavolutionary scale. His thirst for knowledge took him directly to Taiwan, the source, the origin, the very epicentre of Bubbleology®. Traversing across four cities, he researched, collaborated and studied. From wise old street vendors and sassy restauranteurs he learned all that could be learned about Bubble Tea.

Armed with precious insights, he finally made his return to the UK where he partnered a mystery cohort, who's enthusiasm from having sampled Bubble Tea in Australia and passion for all things colourful could be relied upon to help build our first cafĂ©/lab, Bubbleology®. Opening in London's Soho, April 2011.

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